The False need of Travel

In the new year or in our spare time, many of us plan to travel. We spend a great time watching new places and taking some rest. At least that is what we want to believe and we want others to believe by sharing our photos on the social media. There is a new trend of doing the check in on social media account to let people know how awesome our life is, but the reality is different. Many times these travel trips are hectic and we are more tired than we were before going for holidays. I always thought that the travel plans are supposed to rejuvenate us. Another observation is that if I ask people what they would like to do post financial independence, then the answer I get mostly is that they want to travel.

A few years back people only made one or two travel plans in a year and that too without letting the world know. We felt rejuvenated and refreshed. Travel was not part of to-do list and was considered more as a spending quality time with our own self and with family. There was no race to visit every country in the world, but to get the experiences which can be cherished for a lifetime. So what has changed and why we are so obsessed with the travel nowadays. Why are we spending so much money and why do we have goals to visit exotic places?

According to my analysis, there are few factors responsible for this situation. The first one is jealousy. Yes, this might sound very harsh, but we really don’t feel good when we see our friend’s social media photos of foreign travel. The next thing we want to do is pressurize our partner to plan the next trip. And post our own photos. This is the main reason why you might have noticed that there is a trend of going to particular places. Some time back everyone wanted their photo in front of Eiffel tower. In reality, no one enjoyed going there due to dirty and overcrowded places.

The other factor is that we want to run away from our routine life. We are so stressed out that we wait for Friday like a God who will come and save us from evil. Our daily life has become so stressful that we just want to get out of it. Travel allows us to live a different life for few days and find some peace of mind. Today’s food for thought is that shouldn’t we create our daily life so wonderful that we don’t want to run away from it and travel does not come as an escape plan, but instead one more wonderful experience to feel.

Most of us want to spend our extra money and time on travel because we don’t have any other passion in life. They have not searched for many more good ways like sport or any art or charity for that matter. Most of the people are saying that travel is good and hence we also want to go the same way without doing much of research. If you really go deeper, then you would find that they have not even identified the places they want to go. Many travel agencies are spending lots of money on advertisement so that they could create a desire to visit different places. We should stop falling for this false need of travel.

It would be better if we focus on true experiences rather than completing a checklist. We need to ask ourselves as what are we really looking for. If it is just finding some time for our self or for family, then why do we need to travel so far. Going to nearby places can save both time and money. If we really want to visit someplace because it can let you experience a calmness, then why not go to that particular place only. Why do we have to cover other four places along with it just because that is how people travel.

Sometimes our photos looks more fun than our original holiday and that is why we want people to see them. It seems that our holiday is not complete without getting likes from people. One of my friends commented this when she was asked if she would go back to the place she just returned from. “Not really, but after looking at photos I feel to go back”. We miss so many present moments in order to capture it in camera. People say that they do it freeze it for memory. For me the good memories are when something touched me deeply. Some moments of calmness when I could hear myself or moments when I noticed that how beautiful it is to feel alive.

People need to break the stereotype, not for the sake of fashion or anything but to truly listen to what they want. This needs the courage to go against the flow. It is completely fine not to go on many travels during a year, but it is important to find some time off for yourself and for your family. This can be done in your own house as well. It is completely fine not to post photos online because we know how much we enjoyed and we don’t need others approval. It is completely fine to live a simple life where we give more importance to experiences.

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