The Joy of Solitude

We all love company of other people. We all enjoy with friends and family and that is very normal. However, how many of us actually like the company of our own? How many of us can actually have a conversation with our own mind? To many it may sound insane, but in reality we all need sessions with our self daily. We all need to know what is really going inside our mind. The real harmony comes when there is no struggle between what we think and what we live.

Solitude is different from loneliness. Sometimes we feel alone even in the company of many people. Loneliness is a negative concept whereas solitude is the positive one. In loneliness, we feel sad and depressed. In solitude, we feel connected and peaceful. We are living in an era where we are continuously bombarded with new information every second. We feel stress and chaos all the time. Out of all these nuisances we need to take out some time for our own self and with our own self.

Practicing solitude is difficult because we are scared in our own company. We are afraid to know what is going in our mind. Have you ever noticed that you are sitting alone in a room and you cannot spend even one second without getting into activity, mostly using smart phone or watching TV. As soon as we sit still, our mind force us to get into activity so that we do not disturb all the crap going in there. The question is why should we practice solitude and why not enjoy the time with family or with smart phone. I am not sure about the smart phone, but the quality time you spend with family will definitely improve once you start practicing solitude. First, we will see how one can introduce solitude in day to day life and then we will look at some of its benefits.

One way is to isolate yourself from the people and find a place where there is no disturbance. Explain to your family members to not disturb you for next 10 to 15 minutes or for as much time you need. Take few deep breaths and try to let go of everything externally. Now try to go inward and observe what kind of thoughts are going in the mind. To many people it may come as a shock as what all useless thoughts we are having and sometimes they are scary as well. Do not fear and just observe in the starting.

After some time, your mind will calm down and you will feel the peace. This is the time you inject the thoughts you actually want to have. Thought like goals you want to achieve, the life you want to live or the places you want to visit. Start with one thing and then mind will give you related thoughts. The important part is that we stay focused on what we want to think. We can also reflect upon what we have achieved or how we have spent our life. This helps in identifying if we are on the right track or not.

We can also reflect upon what we have become and what kind of relationships we have with people around us. We find our own individuality rather than getting influenced by all the nonsense going around us. It gives us time to take a step back and really understand what we have become compared to what we wanted and we can change the same with great commitment.

Many people also prefer to walk alone. It helps in controlling your thoughts. Sometimes it is useful to find answers for your problems as well. It is said that our individual mind is connected to a universal mind and it has all the information we need. In solitude, we connect to our mind and then connect with the universal mind. Many scientists and inventors use this technique for their work. Solitude indirectly help us in practicing silence as well. Many times we just utter unnecessary words without realizing the impact. In solitude, we actually observe our inner self and can bring the harmony between what we have in mind and what we speak. We realize that most of the time it is best not to speak.

Solitude is a process in which we discover our self and our individuality. We connect better with other people because we become clear in our thinking.

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