The Pressure that we build around us

Recently I received a news that one friend who studied with me in school and who was living in my society, died. I heard that he committed suicide and he was just 33. He left behind his family of wife and a daughter. I cannot imagine how much pain that soul must have felt that he decided to end his life. We can never feel the emotions he felt in his last moments. I do not know the exact reason why he did that, but we all know that people take such extreme steps when they feel tremendous pressure.

We get shaken when something tragic happens with the people we know, but in reality that must be happening every minute with someone in the world. Have we ever tried to ask us as why people attempt suicide? In recent times people from all ages consider suicide as the last options left for them. The problems are different for everyone. Someone is physically abused, some have financial trouble, some feel like loser and some are not good at studies. There are many more reasons, but the reality is that they all think that there is no hope left and the only way to end the pain is to end the life.

I am neither expert in counseling, nor do I have any experience in such matters. However, I understand that people of suicidal tendencies are suffering from depression. There are definitely external factors which make them depress, but it is the irrational thinking process that force them to take steps which are irreversible. Most of the time we think that the person was weak to fight the situation. But, the bitter truth is that as a member of this society we all are responsible for the depression, anger, hatred and yes suicide too. We have failed to create an environment where everyone can blossom. Instead, we have made it difficult for many people to survive.

The society wants people to be successful. The trouble is that it is society who has defined the success and individual do not have any right to challenge it. We say that if a student does not get rank in top 3, then he or she is not good enough. We also define that to be successful, person needs to have a decent job or a business, a car and his own house. There are unwritten rules that if person is earning low, then he is poor. If he is earning better than poor, then he belongs to middle class. Finally, if person is earning better than most of the average people, then he is called rich.

The irony is that each of this group is struggling. The poor have to struggle to get to middle class and the middle class have to struggle to get in to rich class. The struggle of rich class is to maintain their current lifestyle without letting anyone know what all they have to sacrifice. The pressure is everywhere. Many times I have seen that it is the label that matters most compared to an individual.

Another evil is the power. From thousand years, it is evident that powerful people have ruled the weak ones. Nowadays we do not see such rulers, but there are people who take the advantage of their power to exploit the weak ones. All these physical and sexual abuse, unethical loan practices and many more situations are prevailing in today’s world because some powerful people want to use their power on the weaker ones and we all just watch it in silence because it does not affect us or because we are the victims.

So is there any possibility to change the world? Is there any chance that we can create a prosperous world where each one has right to live their life without harming anyone? I believe yes. Till the time there is a hope that world will be better place one day, we can fight. And with whom we have this fight? We have to fight our own evil and then think about changing the world. We need to first take care of our own flower and then the world will become a beautiful garden.

We need to provide environment to our kids where they can grow and prosper instead of creating boundaries. There should not be pressure on them to get good ranks. Remember that many of the successful people were drop-outs. It is very important that we talk about hope. There are millions of people out there who talk about problems and how this world is the worst place to live, but we need individuals who can say that I have faith that one day we will overcome all the evils.

We can end many miseries only by removing discrimination and only if we can treat everyone equally. This is not an easy step and there are no practical steps to do it, but as I mentioned we just need to start from our own self. If we can only start thinking towards this, then there is a hope that one day we will find the equality in all human beings. Charlie Chaplin once said that we need power only for war, for everything else love is enough. We can decide that instead of becoming enjoying the power, we use it to help people. Instead of becoming the ruler, we become facilitator. Sometimes religion helps in this as it suggests that everything is given by God and we are only here to use it a way which pleases God that is by helping others.

Many feels that such talks are too cheesy or too positive and not realistic. My question is how does negative thinking becomes realistic? If negative thinking can become our reality, so can positive thinking. If evil can take over the world, then God can take it back because evil is nothing but the absence of God. As a first step let us all think that there is still a hope that we will see a world where there is no pressure and all the souls realize their ultimate goal.

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