Thoughts that hold us back

All of us must have experienced that many times in life we feel that we want to do something great, but could not do. Suddenly all the problems and hurdles start appearing and we feel that we cannot go beyond this point. We stop many projects, break many promises, go back to old habits and separate ourselves from great life. 

I have found that it is not situations or persons that stop us, but it is our thoughts that hold us back. Many achievers have conquered the mountains of difficulties, but first they have conquered their own mind. They first won the battle inside before fighting outside. Possible or Impossible is a state of mind. According to 18th Century people, flying in the sky was impossible, but for people of 20th century it is part of normal life. 

Our mind is resistant to any change, even if it is for our good. It is designed to work in particular format, unless we condition it to change. For, e.g. If you have ever tried for meditation, then you must have noticed that in the first session you will start getting thoughts like “This is not for me, I am not a saint”. Our mind even sends the messages to the body parts and then they start giving you trouble. But if you continue, then soon you will become the master in meditation. 

I have experienced that whenever I want to do something different, my mind start bombarding me with all the negative thoughts. Just like when I wanted to publish my eBook, I was scared of the thoughts of criticism. Like what other people will think if they don’t like my book. In such scenario even positive outcomes look negative. Just like every human being I also have dreams and many times I get thoughts like how will I manage my life, if what I have dreamed will come true. 

Sometime it is very important to ignore such thoughts, but sometime it is also important to address the real issue, especially if it is overpowering you. For me it was the fear of criticism that was holding me to publish the book. It took me almost one month to publish the book post finishing it. I kept telling myself that this is not complete. I realized that this is not helping me and finally decided that whatever happens I am going to publish it. 

I don’t have 100% success formula on how to tackle thoughts that hold us back, but some of the below steps can definitely help you. 

  • Sit calmly and monitor your thoughts. Try to understand what your mind is telling you. If it is about criticism, then accept that you are not perfect. It is fine to receive the feedback as it will help you become better at whatever you do. Understand that this is a journey and you have just taken the first step. The important thing is that we continue to walk towards our destination.
  • Other type of thought we get is how will you manage your success. You will have to relax to understand that you have fear of success as well. It is not very easy to understand each and every thought. But as you start practicing the solitude, it becomes easier. To tackle such thoughts accept that you are a wonderful person and you deserve and you are ready to have all good things in life including fit body, loving partner, beautiful house, etc. It is very important that we keep ourselves ready for what we want. It might sound confusing in the starting, but as you continue to monitor your mind, you will realize that even though we want many things from life, we are not ready for it. To get something, you have to become something. For, e.g. If you want more wealth in life, then first you will have to become wealthy in mind. You need to get harmony between your mental and physical reality. 
  • Do not expect the outcomes, be it good or bad. Many times in life it is important to just take the action without thinking much on the outcomes. I am not talking about crimes here. I am just saying that go ahead as you have planned and the outcomes will evolve as you continue your journey. For, e.g. If you want to learn yoga for mental peace, then don’t think about the peace in the starting as it will sound overwhelming to you. Just learn the yoga and the peace will follow.

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