We the Sinners, or Not

From the childhood we are being introduced to the word Sin. We have been told that if you perform some bad acts, then you are doing a sin and God will punish you. There is a long list of sin one performs and there are related punishment as well. Every religion and every country have their own list. I believe that we have misunderstood the word sin. The word sin has weakened us and has created fear of God in our mind. Instead of acting as a path finder, it has been used as a punishment.

Many Hindu religions propagates that eating non veg is a big sin and we can never come out of its effects. If you try to explain this to a Christian or a Muslim, then they will not agree to it. The reason is that, in their religion this is not written anywhere. We are looking at only one side which is our side. Instead, if we try to look from the chicken which got killed for our food, then we can explain it better. It is said that animals have lower level of intellect and hence their energy mainly lies in senses. They feel more pleasure while eating the food compared to men. Similarly they feel more pain when they are hurt compared to human beings.

If I keep aside the sin, then I need to examine the effects of that act has on my body and my mind. Chicken comes to know that it is going to get killed and when a butcher kills it, the last thoughts in chicken are of fear and death. This affects their body and the same body is consumed by many people. Can you imagine what kind of energy is passed on to our body and mind? If I explain that it is a sin to eat non veg, then many people might ignore it due to various reasons. Some are atheist and they do not believe in God, so they are not worried about the punishment. Some feel that they have already done many sins and one more will not make much difference. Instead, if we can try to create compassion towards animal in the heart of those people, then we might have a better chance to convince.

We also talk about heaven and hell. We say that if you do sin, then you will go to hell and if you do good work, then you go to heaven. Many people have gone one step ahead and have also described what exactly happens in heaven and hell. They say that God stays in heaven and evil in hell. Not sure how many of them have actually visited either heaven or hell. The problem is that we never question on all this matter because sometimes that is also considered a sin.

You must have observed that there are two ways in which we can get the work done from kids. One is of love and another is of punishment. Some parents slap the kids to stop them from doing some of the activity which are harmful. Many times parents remind them the same punishment to stop them doing such activity in the future. There is a possibility that in the ancient time sages might have started using the word sin to stop people from doing things that affects the mind. If you observe closely, then you will find that all the religion and spiritual practices works towards purifying the mind. That is the only way to attain God. However, people have forgotten the entire meaning of the origination of sin.

Swami Vivekananda has said that we should ignore anything that make us weak and only accept that makes us strong. Here, he is not talking about physical strength, but the mental and the spiritual one. The concept of sin might have worked in the past. If we want to make changes in today’s world, then we need to create love and compassion. We need to show people as how to purify their mind, which is one of the main aim of religion. We need to show that God is not a punisher, but is the source of eternal love.

We need to realize that bad thing that happens to us is due to our Karma and not because God is cruel. The law and order will always be needed to keep us civilized. Above all we should always remember that our aim should be to purify our mind and raise our consciousness to go beyond our senses.

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