What if you do not have to work for money?

Recently I had privilege to visit an organic farm where few volunteers were spending their time in growing organic food for kids suffering from cancer. They normally allow group of people to do planting, cobbling, collecting the mulch and many more activities relating to farming. We just have to pay nominal amount for the material. I was amazed to see how these volunteers were maintaining the farm and kind of food they were growing for kids. I got food for my brain when I asked a question to one of the volunteers.

We were collecting the mulch along with one of the volunteers and just in a casual way I asked her “what she does otherwise?” and very innocently, but with feeling of satisfaction, she told me that “I do only this otherwise”. I could see a smile on her face which reflected a sense of achievement. Perhaps I was expecting that she goes to job everyday and spend her spare time on the weekend in organic farm, but I was wrong. For one moment I felt that they are doing great job by keeping those suffering soul before their career. They were not able to treat those kids like doctors, but they were doing their own part by giving them chemical and processed free food.

There were very young kids may be of 1 to 3 years who lost their hair due to treatment they were taking. They hardly started their life and they had to suffer so much pain. I could not stop myself from feeling numb and heavy at the same time. I could not stop complaining to God as why such small kids has to suffer? But there were these volunteers who were above complaining of any sort and were performing their duties with kindness.

We all know that volunteers don’t get paid for such work and they are just there to help people. I think for them the reward comes from the smile of those ill kids and not from money. The sense of proud comes when people appreciate them and not from any promotions in the office. The sense of contribution comes by helping people and not from completing reports or projects. I believe that such volunteers and all those people who spend their life in helping others are pure souls who came on earth to keep the humanity alive.

While I was savoring the experience of the farm, I thought what if we don’t have to work for money. Will we chose a different career or will we do things differently? I feel that most of us would chose to help others as that is the basic human nature. Whenever we would see someone suffering, part of us wants to help them, but part of us stops us. This happens because of part of us is still human and connected with others and part of us is lost somewhere in this materialistic world. Think about a world where there is no competition to get ahead of others, but where people wants to walk together. Where there is no hatred, but just love for everyone.

I agree that we all cannot leave our job and start social service, but some people are doing that. I agree that we cannot spend entire day in helping others as we have other commitments, but some people are doing that. I also agree that we will need the balance of some people earning money and some helping others. What all we need to do is to spend some of our time in such activities where we feel the connections with other human beings and make them aware that we are there with them. We spend sometime without expecting anything and just be there. We all have that feeling inside us and we just need to nurture it more. I write not to preach anything, but just to remind that we all are great human beings.

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