When things don’t go as per your plan

It happens with all of us that we had planned something, but something else only happens. Like you and your spouse have planned for a movie and romantic dinner and suddenly your friends or relative visits your home and you have to cancel your plans as you need to attend them. It is just a small scenario, but many times it happens that things don’t go as we plan.

I am no exception to it. Recently I had blocked time to start my new book and write some articles for blog. Unfortunately I got busy with some household chores and could not write a single sentence. In the starting I felt frustrated as I could not do anything. I felt like why it always happens to me. I am sure you also must be feeling the same way. But this time I chose to deal with it differently. I chose to go with the flow.

I accepted the situation as it is and focused on what I had to do. I became more mindful on the tasks I was supposed to do instead of feeling frustrated for what I could not do. It might sound like a loser or unambitious behavior, but it is not. We need to understand that our life does not always go as we plan. That is the truth of life. The day we accept this, we will stop the inner struggle and will become a relaxed person. So how to manage when the reality is different from what we planned?

First become mindful of the situation and do the reality check. Find out, what is more important for you in that moment. We will take the same example mentioned above. Find out that is it really important for you to go for a movie or to spend time with friends. In the starting movie might look a better choice, but you will also realize that it is not bad to spend time with friends or relatives either.

Second, if you don’t have a choice, then accept what is available to you. Like you cannot go for a movie now and you will have to spend time with your friends or relatives at home. Now do not think about the movie when you are with friends. Give your 100% in the current moment. Life becomes beautiful when we live in the present moment.

Third, it is not the end of life and you can still do what you have planned on some other day or some other time. It is just that the timing was not right, but you can still go for a movie on some other day. It is a simple understanding that we have to accept what is present first and, then change it. Unnecessary struggle will not get you anywhere.

So to summaries, first do the reality check, second accept what is present and third attempt again what you had planned originally. I know in many motivational books you might have read don’t accept the reality and fight against it. I look at it differently, reality is already there whether you accept it or not. If you accept it, then you will be less stressed and more focus on what is present and what do you want. Whether you want to go stressed way or relaxed way, choice is yours.

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