Where do you live? In Past or In Present?

Our mind is a wandering creature. It does not like to be still and it needs something to think on continuously. Sometimes mind thinks about future plans, but most of the time it tries to correct our past. If you would have observed your thoughts, then you would have realize that we spend lots of time in the memories of our past life. We also think how we could have avoided the mistakes we committed. Isn’t it funny that in spite of knowing that we cannot do much, we still try to rectify our past. I call it one of the traps of mind.

When we cling to our past we cannot focus on our present. We all have hurtful memories which makes us sad. Memories of losing someone, memories of someone hurting us, memories of wrong choices and many more such memories which make us feel low. Even when we are spending good quality time with family our mind start wandering on the streets of past where something had gone wrong. Suddenly from the feeling of joy we have this feeling of sadness and our family members start noticing our absence. We lose many such precious moments just because we hold on to our past very tightly. We just need to let it go. Bygone is bygone.

I strongly feel that many of our problems can be resolved by just being aware and releasing the past is one of that.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes – We all makes mistakes and that is what makes us human. Nobody in this world can say that he or she has never made any mistakes. The important thing is that we learn from it and we let it go. Mistakes are just the mediums to teach us something valuable. We need to focus on the lessons learned and then we should let go the medium. We ask for forgiveness of others, but we hardly forgive ourselves. We need to accept that what we did or what we chose was as per our consciousness at that time. We are at different consciousness now and we are not going to repeat it because now we have learned, now we are aware.

We cannot change it – Whatever happened in the past is already done. None of us can change it unless we are a time traveler. (Please let me know if you have the time travel machine. I want to make some investments.) Just observe how much energy we use to hold on to our past. Many of us still look forward to the past relationships which didn’t work out. Do you realize that you are missing many loving relationships which could have been formed if you didn’t stick to the old one.

Releasing the past helps you lighten your mind – Our mind thinks on whatever we give to it. Imagine how our mind will work if we give pleasant thoughts instead of hurtful memories, if we allow it to focus in present and imagine if we just let go the past and release all the negative memories. Our mind will be relaxed and so do we. There is no point in doing a wonderful journey of life with the excess baggage of past. Let go that baggage and become an adventurous traveler. There is so much to explore in our internal and external world. We have so many mysteries to resolve and you want to sit in the corner of your room and want to brag about your past.

There are some ways through which you can release your past after being aware.

Meditate and let it go – I cannot talk enough about Meditation. It has so many benefit and it does not need any tool yet we ignore it or our mind ignore it. The most noble way to control your mind is meditation and that includes letting go of past. When your mind is calm, think about the past you are worried about and just observe it from the third person. Watch it like you are watching any TV show. Observe your feelings when you are doing it. In this process start asking questions like “Do I need to hold it back?” or “How it is affecting my present?” or “Can I let it go?” After doing this, you will realize that there is no point in thinking about the past that is already gone. And, then you decide consciously to release it from the depth of your mind. This decision alone will make you feel light. It will make you feel that you have just let go the excess baggage and you are now free. Meditation is powerful and you will only see it’s impact when you do it.

Write on paper and tear it off – This is a very simple, but very powerful technique. Write down on a paper what is bothering you. It can be any event or any person’s name. Just write it down and tear off the paper. This go as a strong message to your mind that you no longer wants to live with your past. This also releases all the emotions attached with what you had written.

Practice mindfulness – Mindfulness is not any tool, but it is a way to live a life and I think that should be the only way to live life. Past and future is not in our control, but what is in our control is this moment, this very present moment. Practicing mindfulness helps you to focus only in present and releasing the past. You realize that life is in present moment and you enjoy each and every second you live.

Life becomes enjoyable when we live in the present moment and when we are not bothered by our past.

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