Who is your Hero?

In one of the interviews, Warren Buffet mentioned that you become what you admire. He said that your ideal will determine what kind of life you are going to live. When we admire someone, we appreciate the quality or qualities of that person. For, e.g. If someone is inspired from Dalai Lama, then he or she is attracted towards the kindness. When we observe closely, then we can find out that the person can either become a saint or a terrorist based on the hero he or she chooses.

Now there are many people who do not have any ideal. They are living the life as it comes. Somewhere they have chosen the average man as their hero and hence they live the life of an average person. It amazes me as for how people have never thought on this. I realized that they never understood the importance of choosing an ideal and following him or her. However, we all wanted to become something when we were kids. We admired all the great heroes. Some of us also saw our parents as our heroes and wanted to become like them. Somewhere along the way, we lost it completely and we lived an average life ever after.

The question is should you bother about having an ideal or not. The answer lies in what kind of life you want to live. If you want to do something with this precious birth, then you need a path. You need someone to show you how to walk on that path and that is the reason you need an ideal. For, e.g. if you think that you want to become the biggest philanthropist, then who can be better than Warren buffet or if you want to devote your life to the service of poor then you can follow Mother Teresa.

You can select your hero based on your material goals as well. For, e.g. if you want to become a successful businessman, then you can make Bill Gates as your hero. You will find such people in all the fields. The important thing is that you select your hero based on some values. You might find many rich people, but you need to select someone who reflects your inner values. I believe that you should be able to admire the person as a whole so that you do not have to struggle with your mind for the negative attributes of that person.

Somehow I like to bring religion in most of my articles. Religion is about devoting yourself to a perfect ideal, God. The mythological stories are there so that we can get inspired to have some qualities of God such as truthfulness, kindness and above all spreading love. The problem is that we have started seeing God as something we cannot reach to and hence we get happy in the lower level of worship. The real worship is to manifest God in our own self. I am not talking about performing some miracles, but being a pure human being. This is definitely difficult, but we will not be able to achieve if we cannot keep a perfect human as our ideal, as our hero.

In my previous article, I mentioned about finding out what we really want from life. I hope some of you are actually clear on that part and now it is time to find someone who can help us in achieving that. It is very important that we set some goals in life. After that, we find the people who have achieved them before you. I always wanted answers on spirituality and I found them through the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Most of the time what we want to do is already done by people in the world. All the great people who lived left behind their legacy. We just need to find our own hero.

An ideal is not someone whom you will remember once in a while and then get busy in your daily life. An ideal is the one who can change the way you think. They need not be alive, but something has to be there to show you how they lived a great life. Once you know your ideal from deep within, you start thinking and acting like him or her. You can ask questions to yourself as how my hero would have reacted in this particular situation. You will get your answers in most amazing ways. You can have more than one, but there are chances that in the later part of your life you will create your own ideal.

So who is your Hero?

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