Why 90% of people can’t keep their resolution of new year?

New year has arrived. It has come with new hope, new opportunities, new goals and new promises we make to ourself.  By the time new year starts, we all starts discussing each other’s new year resolutions. It is very interesting to know that 60% of people can’t keep their resolutions till 2nd week of Jan, other 20% can’t continue till Feb and by June other 10% also break their resolutions. You must be feeling good that you are not the only one who don’t keep resolution. Let us try to understand why most of us are not able to keep our resolution of new year.

  1. Fear of failure – We think that if we cannot keep our resolution, then we will look fools. I just want to ask one question to you. What is more important, your life or your image, which is just a perception of other people. When you start trying, you are better than thousands of others who cannot even think of doing it. As I mentioned earlier failure is just a result, do not take it as a final verdict. No great achievement is possible without persistence. You might face some difficulties in the starting, but that will double the fun of success at the end.
  2. Surrounding – There is a saying that person is known by his company of people. Mainly because our thought process becomes like people around us. We all are playing game of crabs. If you put some crabs in one jar, then when one start tries to come out of jar, other will pull it down. If your friends cannot keep their resolutions, then they are not going to encourage you to keep yours. Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and motivating. Get in the company of those who have already achieved what you want to. For Exa: If your resolution is to quit smoking, then find people who have already done that. They will share their own experience which can help you in your journey. 
  3. Lack of desire – You cannot achieve something unless you have burning desire. Many times people just take resolutions without understanding whether they really need it or not. For exa: People take resolutions to have better health, whereas they are comfortable with their current health. Find out if you really need that resolution. See the end result instead of difficulties. This perspective will keep you motivated until you achieve success. Back your resolution of new year with strong reason. For exa: If your resolution of new year is to save more money, then associate the reason of financial independence. It will help you in short-run unwise spending.
  4. Pain or PleasureWhatever we do and whatever we don’t do depend on how we associate it with pain and pleasure. If you associate some task with pain, then it is very much obvious that you will not do it. It is also possible that one person can associate one thing to pain and another person can associate the same thing with pleasure. Exercise to one person can be painful, but for other person it can be a great way to start day. If your resolution of new year is to wake up early, then instead of looking at laziness of morning, look at the freshness and energy. You can also use pain for your benefit. Associate pain with all the negative outcome of not fulfilling your resolution. Like it is very painful to be in debt.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Abraham Lincoln 


 Give a stretch to yourself and come out of your comfort zone. This is a one lifetime, please don’t waste in your laziness. In this new year let’s take all the resolutions you are trying to avoid from past many years and take new ones and fulfill them with great success.
May this new year bring many opportunities your way to explore every joy of life.

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