Your job is not your identity

When we were kids, people used to ask us “what you want to become when you grow up?” Not knowing many options, we would reply like, “I want to become a doctor or an engineer or a pilot”. Little did we know that our whole identity will roll around our profession or our job. Today while introducing our selves, we mention about our job very proudly. Like I am working in this company and I am at particular designation. The irony is that even our spouse and kids also introduce us by our profession. So, you must be wondering what is wrong in this? We are successful in what we are doing, then why not let the world know about it. The problem is that this professional identity cover will not let us become what we really want to become.

We failed to realize that we are more than our job. Except few lucky guys, most of us are doing job only to earn money, but we make it as a life mission. We put all our energy into the job and feel exhausted when we come home. We don’t think beyond our job in day to day life. Due to this we live a very stressful life as you are continuously thinking about the reports you need to send, sales target you need to meet or the presentation you need to make even after living the office. All this happens because of the competitive world. We continuously try to become better than others in job, but we never try to become a better person. We are stuck in the cage of this job identity where we are only surviving and don’t think much about the world outside this cage.

How not to get stuck into your Job identity? Please note that this is not about living your job, but to balance your life and enjoy every moment.

Finding your passion – We have come long way from our childhood. We used to get engrossed in the activities we used to like. Many of us would not even care for food or if someone is calling us because we were passionate about our hobbies. We didn’t care what other think about us. We were just there in the flow, enjoying and feeling happy. We need to regenerate these feelings and find our passion. You don’t have to create your career out of your passion, but just spend some time in a week. You can either keep aside some time in the morning or in the night, but ensure you enjoy the process. There are many books and article on how to find and follow your passion. If you don’t want to go through long process, then just close your eyes and ask your heart what you really like to do. I am sure you will get your answer. Time spent on your passion will help you overall as you will be a happy person.

Talk about it – When you meet your friends, family members or any stranger don’t be just limited to what you are doing for earning. Talk about your passion, talk about what you like, share the knowledge and have a connection. Observe next time how do you feel when you have a conversation about your passion. Words comes directly from your heart and opposite person can feel the same. Ask them about what they like and show some interest. People will remember you for a long time as you have touched their inner being. We see very few conversations like this, but whenever it happens, it leaves memories with us.

Balancing it out – It’s all in mind. We think that there is always an emergency in our job and we act as a superman or spider-man who needs to leave everything aside and save our company or our team from a villain. I know this looks exaggerated, but that’s how we think and act sometimes. Even when we are spending some quality time with family, we think about presentation we need to give tomorrow. Please note that this does not make you any efficient. Instead you are wasting your moments. Remember the rule, when you are in office be in office and when you are at home be at home. It is about setting priorities.

Why should you do it?

Less stress – Once you understand that you are more than your job and start following your passion, you reduce your stress to a great extent. Stress is nothing but repetitive negative thoughts in mind. If you start enjoying your life, then mind will not have much space to think unnecessary thoughts. You feel relaxed and excited when you come home. You will feel great amount of energy.

Better connections – This will definitely improve your relationships with family members. Apart from that you will also feel deep connections with others when you speak from your heart. People will look at you differently. Whenever I meet people who know I write, asks me about my new book or new article. These questions are not just for formality. At the same time, they share their own passion. Some talk about photography, some talk about poems and some talks about philanthropy. I get to know altogether a different person. If you open up, then others will open up too.

Become productive – This might sound like opposite to what I have mentioned above. In reality, if you are a happy person and follow your passion, then you start giving best to everything you do. It includes your job too. You are not taking more stress and enjoy the work, which ultimately results into better productivity.

Sense of fulfillment – This is the biggest advantage. We feel content and fulfilled. We look for external world for fulfillment and what we get in returns is disappointment. Exploring the inner world and satisfying our creative being gives you peace of mind and sense of fulfillment.

We were born to experience human life and the best way to live it is through consciousness.

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